Anti Cheat Guard 1.5 PTS

Esse é um novo anti-cheat sistema de PTS / servidores Java.

Add: Configuration utility;
Add: System of “traps”;
Add: Support Chronicle 4;
Add: Support Gracia Part I;
Add: Without loader.exe exeс, you can’t log in;
Add: Possibility kik/ban/reboot computer for using cheat;
Add: Proxy.exe (yet I do not advise to use it);
Add: Proxy-GET-SEND.exe (it is added in Server Side)
Add: Packet.dll (winPcap lib);
Add: WanPacket.dll (winPcap lib);
Add: 2x Proxy-Daemon.exe (winPcap daemon);
Add: lineage II.exe (for play on foreign servers);
Add: System of capturing packets from Proxy by Proxy-GET-SEND;
Add: it is impossible to rename Files;
Add: Supports x64, tested on XP Professional x64 and Windows Server 2003 x64;
Add: services.exe
Add: Installation wizard;
Fix: Freezing at connection attempt;
Fix: All components of protection are almost completely rewrited, now weigh less.
Fix: Protection works faster;
Fix: Now the anti-virus does not swear on services.exe

Tem um manual dentro do arquivo , de como usar e instalar


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